In a giant Chest out legendary Clash Royale?

We received many comments from users who ask us if the giant chest legendary Clash Royale out , and the truth is that yes, they come legendary. Actually, the legendary cards can appear in any box (free giant supermágico, gold, silver ...). But yes, the probability increases in the most expensive in the supermágico the probability is greater than in any other box.

And you also have the chance to be the chests appear in Clash Royale gem hack . There is a succession that is always true, and you know that the probability that you touch a giant chest is less than 3% . This means that for every 100 chests touch you, 2 or 3 are gigantic chests, and they can show you or not legendary.

In the giant chest out legendary Clash Royale

Although the giant chest may appear Clash legendary cards , this does not always work.That is, I supermágicos open chests in which the probability of touching a legendary card is superior, and yet not touch me. Neither the giant.

The most likely it is in the supermágicos , but you can open several and do not touch any legendary card. It does not have to happen, but it is. In the giant chest you could also get out some legendary or no. To me they have touched me 2 in the free boxes . It is clear that many more free open chests or supermágicos giant .. because every day we have several, so I recommend that you always open yourself to see if you're lucky.

In the legendary arena you can already buy legendary cards in store , so you can go play it safe by spending gems in money to buy the legendary card instead of caskets do not know if you're going to play or not.

Nor miss these five tricks to get legendary cards in Clash Royale  (we have worked for us). I will also advance in how you play the first legendary card, as you get to the beach 8 you can get them all in a short time thanks to the store, though, will have to spend a little box.

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